Living in the Wait

Waiting…is hard. It is one thing to wait in line at a store, but waiting to have a family takes it to a whole other level. My husband and I have been hoping and praying for a baby for over 2.5 years. We are the 1 in 8 couples who have trouble conceiving ( A lot can happen in three years – test after test, procedure after procedure – and a lot can not happen in three years – unexplained infertility, and still no answers as to what could be prohibiting us from getting pregnant. Infertility is the hardest thing I have experienced.

When we initially began our infertility journey, I began doing a ton of research to educate myself about our situation. I was also searching for support and connections with other couples walking a similar path to discuss feelings, best practices, etc. I did not want to do this alone. Infertility is a sensitive topic and rarely talked about openly with family, friends or the public. I have found that resources and support are minimal, which brings us to Living in the Wait.

This site was born (pun not intended, but fitting considering our circumstances) out of our wait and a desire to be a resource and support system. I began asking the question, how do I continue to live life while waiting to have kids, or insert whatever you are waiting for: job, spouse, losing weight, etc. While baby talk dominated much of the conversation with my husband, I knew we had to continue living our lives as a family of two, however long God had in mind. I felt Him nudging me to share our story to help others. I told Him if waiting is part of our story, I want to get the most out of. I do not want to waste my wait. My heart has to be open to let Him take control and direct my steps to make sure whatever goal God has in mind during my wait is achieved.

My prayer is that this blog becomes a refuge when dealing with life’s waits to provide you hope, encouragement, peace, resources and most of all support as you Live in the Wait. Know I am right beside you when it comes to the feelings and emotions you are experiencing. Answers are not easily explained but please find comfort in knowing you can Live in the Wait.

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