Step Up

Earlier this year our chamber of commerce held a half-day women’s conference called Step Up 2018. The theme was what are you going to Step Up to in 2018? Stepping up could be saying yes to a project at work or saying no to that additional responsibility to have more time to take care of yourself. It could also be forgiving a family member after decades of bitterness or making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle.

For me, Stepping Up was saying YES to God’s nudging to start this blog to encourage others in their wait. Doubt is my worst enemy, always has been. You can bet I had plenty of conversations with God and myself (yes, I talk to myself) as to whether or not I could/should take this big leap and share our story with the world. Would anyone really want to hear our story? Would it really make a difference? I still have doubts and it is scary at times, but I was reminded of this quote, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ~ Karim Seddiki.

Just because something scares us or makes us feel uncomfortable, does not mean we should not explore it further. I am a people pleaser. I am aware my posts may encourage one person while another thinks they are the worst act of writing they have ever read. I may face criticism with my blog, but I felt God calling me to share our story and it is my responsibility to be obedient. There are multiple examples of this in the Bible. Do you think Noah doubted what he was doing when God asked him to build an ark and put all the animals in it two by two? I am going to go with yes. Here is the key. Listening for God’s voice and a willingness to head His call.

What has God laid on your heart? What will you Step Up to in 2018?

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