Not Knowing Why

I like to ask questions and one of the many questions I ask is why? It is one of five standard questions to ask when doing a news story – who, what, where, when, why. Knowing why somehow seems to put us at ease with a situation. Why? Because we know why it happened. It is as if knowing why can provide some sort of justification for the situation and we are able to move on.

I am in a heated battle of asking why right now as we found out yet again, not pregnant. I want to know why SO bad. More than I can put into words. Why God, why us? Writing this post doesn’t make not knowing why any easier.

Here is what I’ve come to understand about waiting and why’s. Whether or not we know why we are in a season of waiting, or why we went through it, should not reflect our attitude or the way we live our life in the wait. I may never know the reason why we are going through infertility, but I have a choice in how I react to it, whether I know the why or not. The real kicker is that knowing the why will still not change my circumstances. Sure, it may make things seem easier to swallow at first, but it will not take away what I am going through. If we knew the why, we would want to control the situation or better yet, barter with God to change our situation.

Not knowing the why of our wait reminds us that God is in control and encourages us to rely on Him that much more. He is continually bringing us closer to Him and I can say for certain, our situation has done exactly that. The things I mention above are easier to follow on some days and harder on others. Life is still going to be difficult and we will endure many hardships, all while not knowing why. However, knowing WHO I can go to be sheltered from life’s storms is the only thing I need to know.

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