The Lens of Life

I wear glasses/contacts and have an incredibly hard time seeing without them. My lenses put everything into focus and provide perspective so I can see what is going on around me. An incorrect prescription would cause all sorts of havoc because the images would be distorted.

Our lives are no different. Being happy tends to be easier to do when things are going as planned (aka how we want them to go). When we are in the wait, it challenges us to refocus our attitude and evaluate what it means to be happy or satisfied with our lives. Are we only happy when circumstances lean in our favor and we get what we want, when we want?

If that’s the case, then our happiness is dependent on what we get in life, not WHOM we have in life. When things are not going according to our plan, we are forced to focus on the only thing that can bring us any sort of happiness – Jesus. During our wait, He changes the lens we see our life through, to see it through His eyes and realize our circumstances are not what bring us true joy – He does.

I realize this is incredibly hard to do when everyone around you seems to be on easy street and it looks like they are getting exactly what they want. The more we look to Jesus in our wait, the easier it is to realize the things we already have in our lives. I encourage you to see your wait through Jesus’ eyes and focus on Him, not your circumstances. Because here is the thing, whatever you are waiting for, it may or may not come, but Jesus, is always there and will never change.


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