It Takes a Village

You may have heard the common phrase; it takes a village to raise a child. I agree with that statement, but I would take it one-step further and say it takes a village to even have a child.

When we initially began our infertility journey, I began doing a ton of research to educate myself about our situation. I was also searching for support and connections with other couples walking a similar path to discuss feelings, best practices, etc. I did not want to do this alone.

While I never wanted to be on this journey, I told myself I don’t want to waste the wait. I’m not perfect, but I have tried my best to find lessons or nudges from God these past 2.5 years. This wait has taught me things I wouldn’t have learned had we been on a different path. It has given me the courage to reach out for more help. It has taught me the importance of sharing our story because you never know how that one conversation has the ability to change your life, or someone else’s.  I have seen firsthand the positive effects of sharing our story with our village as it has taken my relationships with them to a completely new level.  It’s truly remarkable.

Our journey would not be possible without our family, friends and all of you that follow my blog or Instagram account. We’ve received so much love, support, encouragement and most of all prayers. I’m in awe when I think of how many people are cheering us on. We’ve had help from friends administering shots while family members and close friends have shared their similar infertility struggles. It’s having a friend, pregnant with her third child, tell me that if she has twins she would give me one of them. The list goes on and on. Thank you only scratches the surface to express our gratitude for all of you. It’s comforting to see the outpouring of support we get after continually sharing our story. At the same time, I know we have the power to be a part of someone else’s village, and for that, I am truly humbled.

It can be difficult to open up and be vulnerable with family and friends when it comes to such a personal part of your life. Remember they are there to support you during your wait. They may not know the right thing to say, but give them the chance to help you. If they don’t know what you are going through, it makes it difficult for them to encourage and pray for you and your specific wait. Start small, with one person you trust and see how you feel after sharing. I hope you’ll notice the positive effect it has on you emotionally to no longer carry your wait alone.

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Who is part of your village?

To our village: You have been there for all our highs and lows. We are forever grateful for all your love and support. There are no words to express how much we appreciate each of you. Thank you.

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