Infertility is…

Doing all the “right” things, but not getting results

A monthly punch in the gut when your period comes


Extremely frustrating

Changing me to be more transparent and vulnerable

Difficult on a marriage, family and friends

Waiting… and waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

A roller coaster of emotions hoping and praying this is the month it will FINALLY happen

Questioning everything you thought you knew about your body

Giving me the opportunity to share about Jesus

Tough to talk about

Countless doctor appointments

A guarantee of not having a guarantee

Changing me to be more compassionate towards others


Good at hijacking our emotions and feelings

Financially draining

Going through the steps repeatedly with no affirmation you took the right steps in the first place

Different for everyone

Teaching me to Trust God…Period.

Not knowing why

Feeling emotions and having thoughts I never experienced in my entire life before

Tears, tears and more tears

Having your hopes and dreams repeatedly crushed. Every. Single. Month.

Strengthening my relationship with my husband


Continually trying to sow jealously, bitterness, anger and discord in my soul

The elephant in the room

Painful emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially

The hardest thing I have ever gone through

Not bigger or stronger than God

If you are looking for resources, please visit these pages HelpfulsTalking about Infertility,  or Conversations.

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