April E+DAY

Today is extra special as not only is it E+DAY, but it is also my birthday! With all those reasons to be excited about this date, an added bonus is that it is also Jacks Give Back. As you know, South Dakota State University is near and dear to us and today they hosted a one day of service event. How kind of them to pick my birthday to celebrate! Ha! #JacksGiveBack is one day designated for Jackrabbits everywhere to give back to their local communities.

We were all set to celebrate #JacksGiveBack with our friends, but, a blizzard decided to join the party. Yes I said blizzard and yes it is April 14.  Funny story, is that back in 1986 when I celebrated my first birthday guess what was happening outside? Yup, a blizzard! Ryan and I planned to still do something until our city issued a no travel advisory. This left us home bound and unable to pick up items for our project. Hopefully tomorrow we can dig ourselves out. We plan to reschedule our day of volunteering with our friends when there is less than 8 inches of snow on the ground, and I can see past my neighbors house. Hopefully your weather conditions are more favorable and you are able to celebrate E+DAY outside.

If you are looking for some DIY projects, find some ideas here. 

What ways do you give back to your community?

Not sure what E+DAY is? Check out this page for more info I know you are curious!

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