Unscripted Part 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am doing a two part series inspired by the book Unscripted: The Unpredictable Moments That Make Life Extraordinary by Ernie Johnson, Jr. You can read the post from Unscripted Part 1. Our wait has challenged what it means to trust God. Right now I have nothing, no affirmation that we will ever conceive. You may be faced with the same situation of having no affirmation. That is where faith comes in my friends.

Ernie is having a conversation with his pastor after he was diagnosed with cancer. These words will always stick with me. “This whole thing is about this: trust. Is it going to be trust with a question mark? Is it going to be ‘I’ll trust God if (insert whatever thing you are going through) comes back the way you want it to’? Or is it going to be trust. Period. (Johnson 141)

Big gulps. This statement is hard for me to swallow. So many times in my life it has been the former. So I have to ask myself, is that really trust?

I had written a journal entry from May 6, 2017 about this exact question. It’s so cool to see how God has worked in my life since writing that. I was praying to God that I would be able to better accept our infertility journey if I knew why or had some sort of time frame to know, yes, this will happen. I said I know it ultimately comes back to trusting you and what your word says. This journey has made me re-evaluate what it means to truly, genuinely trust you. I think part of me knew I could trust God because the things I trusted Him with I got. It was easy to trust when I got what I wanted and in a timely manner. Right now I feel blind faith because there is nothing I see to help or reaffirm me. This time around to trust means something different. Like I need to trust Him even if the plan we want doesn’t/won’t happen. And it’s not easy. .  

How do you Trust God…Period?

Reference: Johnson, Ernie Jr. Unscripted: The Unpredictable Moments That Make Life Extraordinary. Baker Book House, 2018. Print.

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