Antiquing: A Way of Life

My mom and I love to go antiquing. There is a certain kind of excitement you feel when you are digging around in old, dusty and rusty stuff in hopes of finding some sort of hidden treasure. And, while we are scrounging around, my mom tells me stories of antiques she had while growing up. She’ll explain what it is and how they used it on the farm when she was a little girl. It’s neat to see how antiquing gives me the opportunity to learn new things about my mom’s life and the way she lived that I may never have known otherwise. There are so many hidden treasures to be found in those shops, and, I am happy to say this past weekend when my mom and I went, we found some great ones. We may not know what we will do with them yet, but we couldn’t leave the store without them.


There is no right or wrong way to antique shop, but it does require two things: time and patience. And, it’s not a quick process. When you are digging through years of history, you learn the stories and countless memories of people who have used the very item I am holding in my hand years before I was born. Antiquing requires lots of time digging, moving, and getting dirty. Life can be like that too. We have to dig through the dirt and grime of what’s happening in our lives to find the treasures that are hidden within.

Trying to find hidden treasures in the midst of continuous disappointment and frustration is not an easy task. You have to dig, for answers and strength, to keep going. You have to search for resources and support and often, they are NOT easy to find. When we are waiting for something big in our lives, we typically don’t want to do any of the above. We want it to be easy and we want it NOW! But just like the time spent digging to uncover hidden treasures for my mom and I, in the items we bought but also in our relationship, our season of waiting is no different.

It’s in those moments, after lots of time and digging, you find what you are looking for. Better yet, you find something you never knew you needed, but can no longer live without. For me, I’ve uncovered a deeper dependence and relationship with God.

I encourage you this week to spend some time antiquing in your own life. Don’t be afraid to dig through the tough stuff. Search for hidden treasures of joy, peace, encouragement, and growth in your circumstances. They are there, are remarkable and are waiting to be found. You never know what you’ll find. It just takes some digging and an open heart to discover them.

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