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The Wait List features guest posts from people just like you and me, all sharing a coming thread of you guessed it, waiting. No one wants to be on the wait list, but through these features, I hope you find encouragement and see all the miraculous ways God works through us during that time. If you are interested in sharing your story on The Wait List, please contact me.

Guest post written by Jenna.

What one thing were you waiting for?
It would be the obvious answer to say I was waiting for a baby, but really, I was waiting for a clear, easy answer.

After giving birth to my second child, I felt God so clearly speak to my heart that our family wasn’t yet complete (I had always wanted only two kids). But two years later, we discovered I had a condition called Asherman’s Syndrome which was causing secondary infertility. I was so confused as to why God would give me such a strong desire without the ability to make it reality.

I prayed constantly for an easy answer. Maybe I heard wrong; maybe we shouldn’t have more children. Or, I thought, “if God would just tell me this will work out, then I’ll be ready and willing to go through this challenge.” Instead of finding myself with a “black and white” decision, I felt lost in a great, big grey area.

How did God help you in your wait? How did you continue to Live in the Wait?
When I finally accepted that no magic sign from Heaven or divine crystal ball was going to land on my doorstep, God used my wait to teach me about thankfulness.

I learned to thank God, not just in spite of my circumstances, but FOR my circumstances. Raising my sadness, confusion, and fear up to God in thankfulness transformed my thinking. I began to see my journey for what it really was: a chance to grow in my spiritual life and develop a relationship with Jesus.

Was what you were waiting for received?
I’m blessed to my on the other side of my ‘wait.’ Our beautiful daughter was born in August of 2017, less than a year after my Asherman’s was treated. She is truly an answer to our prayers and a testament to God’s faithfulness.

Through our journey, God provided in a different way, as well. He never gave me any clear, easy answers, and we had many challenges even after our prayers to become pregnant were answered. But God showed me how HE can make anything a reality if our desires are aligned with His will, and how a personal relationship with Jesus provides peace during the journey.

What advice would you give someone who’s waiting?
I believe God wants us to be patient to see Him work in our lives, but not passive. If you’re waiting, then God is teaching, loving, and working on your behalf to open doors you don’t even know exist right now. Living in your wait with thankfulness prepares your mind to see how God wants you to move… and makes you ready to do so when His timing is perfect.

To learn more about Asherman’s Syndrome, please visit their website.

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