Finding Beauty

Every Spring, my mom and I pick flowers at a local greenery called Medary Acres. They have a vast  assortment. This year was no different as we set out to find the best flowers to spruce up our outdoor landscaping. Looking at all the beautiful flowers I was reminded of the verse Isaiah 61:3 – “…to bestow on them a crown of beauty, instead of ashes…”

I have a difficult time finding any beauty in my current stage of life. To my earthly eyes, our infertility journey is anything but beautiful. It is rough, bruised, dirty, bumpy and involves lots of ugly crying. To me, beauty is synonymous with best, and I definitely don’t feel that right now. Maybe you are thinking and feeling the same things with your wait.

What you are going through may not appear beautiful, but it doesn’t mean that’s the truth. God can and will turn our ashes, our story, into something beautiful. This chain of events encourages us to rely on Him. If everything was beautiful from the start, we wouldn’t need Him. Think of Jesus death on the cross. He was bruised, blooded and nailed to the cross. It was gruesome and painful, BUT

His death, resurrection and freedom from our sin, is the most beautiful story in all of history!

Our situation may not look beautiful from the outside; but the transformation of our hearts and minds, the life-changing perspective and appreciation it brings us, is definitely beautiful. It’s our story, testimony and outcome that can be.

Only God can make such a transformation happen. I know He is going to take our story, our ashes, and turn it into something beautiful. This applies to you, too! What that turns out to be, is beyond anything I can comprehend or imagine. That’s what is so awesome about God. When we truly allow Him to work in us and through us, giving over control, He is at His best, beautifying our lives.

Take a moment today to sit outside and ask God to reveal the beauty in your own life. 

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