Noticed on Mother’s Day

I see you. Head cast down with slumped and shaking shoulders. Every emotion known to mankind written on your beautiful face.

I feel your heartache, frustration and disappointment. I feel your tears and wish nothing more for them to be tears of joy. All the hopelessness and anger bubbling beneath the surface, I feel it, too.

I understand the longing you feel today and every day. To go through life wanting something with every fiber of your being, yet unable to get it. To experience something that is completely out of your control no matter what you do or don’t do.

I know the burning desire you have in your heart. To hear a tiny voice, so shaky and mumbled, call you, “Mom.”  To have them look to you for safety, security and most of all love. To see the heart of God in the face of your child, a perfect combination of you and your husband. To hold them tight and guide them through life. To teach them about Jesus, amazing grace and the power it has to change our lives.

You are not forgotten in a crowd full of baby announcements and numerous baby photos. You are valuable and life-giving. Whether your arms are empty or full, you have purpose and meaning You are not alone.

This journey is part of your story. Your act of courage, to trust God, period, in the face of excruciating times, will help others. It will forever impact your life and the Kingdom of Heaven. This statement doesn’t erase your pain; it can only help to cope while walking this difficult path.

While today is about celebrating mom’s, I want to celebrate you, a mom in the waiting. For all the blood, sweat and tears you have poured into a life not yet born, but so clearly seen in your dreams. For the strength, compassion, perseverance, and countless other badges of honor you have acquired along the way. For all you’ve invested to have the opportunity to create life and have another title added to your name.

I see you, because I am you.

Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.