Gas Station Tears

A few months ago, my parent’s and I went to the movie I Can Only Imagine. If you haven’t seen it, mark your calendar for June 12 to rent at RedBox. It is a must-see movie. I was not aware of Bart’s story prior to going, but my oh my, life-changing. When I left the movie theatre, one word came to mind when I reflected on God – POWER.

Without giving too much away, Bart grew up with an abusive father and a dream of becoming a singer. God moved powerfully in Bart’s life as he became the lead singer of MercyMe, wrote the Grammy nominated hit, “I Can Only Imagine,” and eternally restored the relationship with his dad. I was overcome with emotion seeing how God, and only God, could mend a completely broken relationship and make seemingly impossible dreams come true. Bart’s life is a living testament of that, which means, your life, and mine, can be too.

After the movie, I stopped at a gas station on the way back to my parent’s house and cried.

  • I cried thinking of what Bart experienced in his life, the thoughts and emotions he had, and the beautiful redemption for Bart and his dad.
  • I cried feeling so thankful to have a God who can and wants to do those same things for me in my wait.
  • I cried thinking about the amazing things God does in people’s lives and how each moment is preparing us for the next.
  • I cried in awe of God and His power in our lives.
  • Yes, I am a leaky faucet and can pretty much cry on demand.

I get so caught up in what I can do, can control or change and contribute to. I so often forget I have a God who can do everything I am trying to do and infinitely more. Plus, He can do it a million times better! He wants to do it. I only need to surrender my power and let Him use His.

Seeing what God did in Bart’s life, gave me a renewed sense of hope for the seemingly impossible in mine. Our God has the power to change so many things in our lives. He’s given sight to the blind, raised people from the dead, made barren women mothers and taken situations that looked impossible to the human eye, possible. Our God is so powerful! If anyone can change your situation, outlook or heart it is God. Knowing He has this power gives us the confidence that He can change, move, create and re-write everything in our lives.

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