The Farmer’s Daughter Part 1 – Farming is Waiting

Farming has been a part of my family for four generations. My parents currently farm over 1,000 acres of corn and soybeans. Ry and I help every so often, and when we aren’t getting semis stuck in the mud or scratching grain carts (all true stories), we sit in awe of what farmers do. They feed the world and I am so thankful for them, especially my dad, who is currently in the field planting. As I thought more about his life as a farmer, I realized the many similarities of my current wait and what he, and other farmers experience year-round.

Farming is Waiting
For those not familiar with farming, here’s a quick breakdown. First and foremost, it involves constant waiting; for the ground to thaw, seeds to arrive, rain, and most importantly, crops to grow. This does not mean that farmers are idle. In fact, the opposite is true. There is always something to do. That’s because between planting (spring) and harvest (fall), much preparation is being done. They are readying themselves and the land for the season ahead. These are the things that set them up for success the rest of the year.

Farming is a Process
Second, farming is a process.
Before farmers can harvest a crop, they have to pick their seeds, till the ground, nourish the crops, etc. They have to complete step one before moving on. They understand it’s all part of the process leading them to harvest. If one chain is removed from the link, the whole thing can fall apart.

Our lives are no different. Life involves constant waiting but that doesn’t mean we can’t be active in the process. There is much we can do and that’s what Living in the Wait is all about! From E+DAY to being intentional, God wants us to live in the wait. Here’s the best part, God is actively working behind the scenes too! He is designing and orchestrating our steps, but it is a process. Our wait is preparing us and as painful as it is, it’s readying our hearts and minds for whatever is next.

We can’t take that final step out of our wait, until we take the steps right in front of us.

Just like farming, if we are obedient, there will be a great harvest to reap. I can’t wait for that day! There is so much to learn from farming that can help us in our own lives. Throughout the series, we’ll cover picking the right seeds, planting and watching them grow. I can’t wait to share more and hope you’ll continue on this farming journey with me.

Check out these great commercials explaining The Farmer in You from SD Corn. Plus, Ry is in The Caring Spirit video and my dad is the tall guy walking in The Independent Streak video!

Photo credit Greg Latza Photography

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