The Farmer’s Daughter Part 3 – Time To Plant

To recap, in Farmer’s Daughter Part 2, we talked about the importance of choosing the right seeds and the thoughts they grow in our hearts and minds. Now that we have our seeds picked out, let’s get to planting so we can watch them grow!

Where to Plant

Where a farmer plants is just as important as the seeds they choose. For them, that’s a field with good dirt. Dry, hard and cracked soil makes planting much more difficult and has the potential to not produce a good harvest. If seeds are planted in a good soil, they have a better chance of growing and surviving unforgiving circumstances. Their location is vital to the health and yield of the crops. Jesus talks about this exact thing in the Bible in Mark 4, The Parable of the Sower.

Our best dirt, aka foundation, to plant our seeds is our hearts because that’s where Jesus is. Deciding to plant seeds involves us examining our hearts to see if we are open and ready to receive the seeds we picked. Maybe we aren’t ready yet due to bitterness and anger. That’s okay. The important step is that you identified an area for God to change your heart.

Watch Them Grow

By this time, most of the initial work in the fields is done. No more big machines, just the ground, crops, weather and God. My dad plants his crops in the spring, but he won’t how much he will harvest until the fall. Until then, he has to wait, hope, pray and believe that the steps he took are going to bring a fruitful harvest.

For us, that comes in the form of spiritual growth. We nurture our seeds through prayer, spending time with God, encouraging others, etc. It is trusting that God is still at work planning and orchestrating on your behalf during your wait 

Full Circle

The whole reason we plant seeds is to reap a harvest, but it is a process, takes time and you guessed it, waiting. So much of what a farmer experiences year-round is applicable and helpful to what we go through. They are real life examples God has placed in our lives to teach us the value of waiting, picking the right seeds, planting, nourishing and harvesting. Our thoughts, our seeds, today are going to reap us a reward in the future.

I  created a printable to encourage you to plant seeds in your own life. Print this out and write a word, phrase or verse on it. Put it in a place that you will be reminded of daily. Pray on it expecting a harvest; expecting God to answer that prayer. What seed(s) did you choose? I picked Galatians 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Check out these great commercials explaining The Farmer in You from SD Corn. Plus, Ry is in The Caring Spirit video and my dad is the tall guy walking in The Independent Streak video!

Photo credit Greg Latza Photography

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