Trust the Sparks

I recently started the devotional 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs. All the messages are applicable, but certain days really stood out. For me, it was Day 11 titled “Your Mind,” and it was a simple statement Annie shared.

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It’s taken time for me to notice the spark, but since starting our infertility journey, it has grown brighter and louder. I can feel it now more than ever and I know it’s because I am learning to Trust God. Period. My wait has made this possible and for that, I can say I am thankful.

It’s one thing to feel the spark and another to follow through with it. NOT easy! For me, following that spark came in the form of sharing our story via a blog, which I had no idea how to start, run or operate. I didn’t have a master plan in place, but chose to follow my spark and believe God would light my way going forward. I am so thankful I trusted Him because this spark has been life-changing. 

  • I see life differently, understanding more than ever, that our lives are all about bringing glory to God.
  • Waiting has value, and it’s found in Jesus.
  • It has given us the opportunity to share our story to provide hope and encouragement to those going through infertility or any type of wait.
  • We’ve been able to publicly share the life-saving message of Jesus and challenge others to dive deeper in their faith.

All this happened because a brave step was taken to follow a spark.

So often, I was afraid to follow that spark. What if I failed or made a mistake? What if no one likes my idea or I waste our money? All those, and many, many other doubts would rise to the top and squash my spark. When that happened, I figured it was a sign that whatever spark I felt wasn’t there so no need to pursue. Now, when an idea or thought is on repeat in my mind I give pause to ask, “God, is this spark from you?”

What about you? What spark, idea or thought do you think God may have placed in you? Is it to start the 100 Days to Brave book, get a second opinion, say no or maybe yes? Remember this day. The day you decided to be brave and follow your spark. God has so much in store for you and I can’t wait to see what He does!

This post is inspired by the book, 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs. Please, be brave and start this devotional, or pass along to someone else.

Reference: Downs, Annie F. 100 Days to Brave. Zondervan, 2017. Print.

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