Engagement Anniversary

I’m celebrating this a day early, but I couldn’t wait, as July 6 is our 4-year engagement anniversary. I can still remember it like yesterday…

Ryan was going to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a work conference and of course I wanted to tag along. Little did I know what he had planned once we got there. Sure, we had looked at rings back in February, but with our track record, an engagement was not top of mind. I did think, MAYBE, but then logic kicked in and the idea of bringing a diamond ring all the way to Florida sounded like too much logistical work.

It was Sunday night and we went out for supper at this fancy restaurant. During the meal, I shared there were so many things I wanted to plan and do with him but wanted to be married. I found out after the fact, that he had the ring in his pocket and thought about taking it out right there and asking me. I’m so glad he didn’t!

When we got back to the hotel he suggested we take a walk on the beach and play Pictionary in the sand. This was not out of the ordinary for us, so I was not suspicious of anything big happening. When one person was drawing, the other had to turn around. Ryan went first and drew a football, me a crab. Second, he drew a Jackrabbit, me an oyster. When I turned around for Ryan’s third drawing I saw a diamond ring drawn in the sand. I guessed ring and he said close. I was confused and said, “Engagement ring?” He said, “Yes, but if you don’t like that one maybe you’ll like this one,” and he pulled out the most beautiful engagement ring.

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He proceeded to tell me all the reasons he loved me and as he finished, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. At this point I am repeatedly saying, “Oh my gosh,” while frantically fanning my hands in front of my face. I said YES, and the rest is history. I can’t help but smile replaying it all in my head. I heart you Ry!

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I love how he had what hand to put the ring on! 

Happy engagement anniversary to all you love birds! Take time to celebrate the wonderful person God gave you to walk life with.

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