Black Hills National Forest

Ry and I recently took a short vacay to Rapid City, South Dakota to go mountain biking in the Black Hills National Forest. We rented a cabin with my parent’s as well as several of my extended family, who were there to go four-wheeling. Life is an adventure and that’s exactly what happened! Visit me on Instagram for some action shots from our trip by clicking on my “Living” stories.

Mountain Biking
Between the two days, Ry and I rode over 20 miles on the Centennial Trail, which is a combination of single and double track trails. I am a novice mountain biker at best, but it was awesome. The views along with all the peace and quiet were outstanding. There is something so refreshing about being in nature, and I always feel so connected to God when I’m in the outdoors. I can’t help but be appreciative of all He’s given me.

My favorite part was that I started to feel like I sorta knew what I was doing. Bonus is that I only fell off my bike once, and came home with bruises, no scrapes, which I consider a huge win!

One of the afternoons I decided to join the group four-wheeling, while Ry continued biking. Ours did not have a cab, which was fine, until we got caught in a downpour complete with thunder and lighting. Outdoor Safety Rule #1 – A forest with tons of trees is NOT the place you want to be! When the rain started to subside, it made the rest of our four-wheeling trip a blast as mud was flying everywhere.

During the downpour, I remembered Ry was riding his bike and of course, was concerned for his safety. God heard my prayers because 15 minutes later, we rounded a corner and I see him in his bright pink shirt, covered in mud! I was so relieved he was safe. We picked him and headed back to our vehicles. He had mud, an inch thick, covering his shins and bike. Like I said, it’s all about the adventure.

July_BHNF Post in Blog (2).png
Not seen, his muddy legs/shoes hidden by his muddy bike!

The one adventure we could’ve done without was a very damaging hailstorm. Ry and I had just gotten to the cabin 15 minutes before the storm hit. Lucky for us, but not so much for our vehicles. The storm only lasted 10 minutes but it brought 60 mph wind and golf ball size hail. Very bad combination and we are still assessing the damage done to our vehicle.

All in all, a successful vacation and I can’t wait to go back! Have you taken any road trips this summer?

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