6 for 6 Sharing Challenge

It has been six months since I published my first blog post and made Living in the Wait public. Lives from around the world (over 40 different countries have visited the site) are being impacted and encouragement, resources and support are being shared for those dealing with infertility or other seasons of waiting. Life-changing work is being done and I want Living in the Wait to reach even more people; but the only way this can happen is with your help!

I know many of you have shared Living in the Wait already (thank you!), but we are just getting started. With it being Living in the Wait’s six-month anniversary, I am organizing a 6 for 6 Sharing Challenge. To up the impact, Ryan and I are teaming up with Feeding South Dakota, who is working to fight child hunger statewide. We support them because as Ry once said, “Even though we don’t have kids of our own, we can still help other kids.”

Here’s how you can get involved and increase our impact:

  1. Follow or Like Living in the Wait on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Like the 6 for 6 Sharing Challenge post.
  3. Depending on your social media platform, either comment by tagging six of your friends or share the post. (I have a post on both sites explaining this).
  • For every partner who completes steps 1-3, Ryan and I will donate $6 to Feeding South Dakota.
  • Our goal is to have at least 100 partners and we’re counting on you to get us there!
  • The tallying of our donation will end on July 30 to make our final donation to Feeding South Dakota by July 31.
  • Donate directly to Feeding South Dakota.

Let’s fight childhood hunger together! Can I count on you to join me in this 6 for 6 Sharing Challenge?

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Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.

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