The Fear and Excitement of New Beginnings

Last weekend, thousands of incoming freshmen moved to campus as school started at the university in our community. I was doing my part as a golf cart driver transporting student’s belongings from their vehicles to their dorms. Seeing all the new faces on campus I sensed an air of fear and excitement. For many of these students it’s their first time leaving home, making decisions on their own and my favorite, their first time seeing snow! So many new beginnings and opportunities for fear to hold them back, but they pushed through to arrive on campus and begin their college career.

August_New Beginnings in blog
No mini fridges, futons or freshmen were harmed in the taking of this photo.

Being a part of freshmen move-in reminded me of how many times in life we are faced with new beginnings. Some are exciting and we jump right in. Other times there is fear and we are hesitant to start or choose not. Many times, both fear and excitement are mixed in with the situation, leaving us wondering what we got ourselves into. I’m sure many of the freshmen students were thinking that waking up for the first time in their dorm rooms!

Reflecting on my own life, I can rattle off many times I was faced with new beginnings: moving, jobs, being vulnerable, marriage, friendships, doing a triathlon, being a supervisor, starting a blog, learning about grace. The list goes on and on. Attached to many of these experiences were both fear and excitement, but looking back, I’m so grateful I pushed through the fear. It wasn’t always easy, but I knew I had to dig in, learn, grow and accept because I wanted to get the most out of each experience.

Our infertility journey is no different. During our wait, we’ve had many new beginnings that involved a lot of fear. Fear of the clock ticking, fear of medical bills piling up, fear of going down the wrong path to get pregnant, fear of it never happening. I cannot and will not allow those fears stop us from pursuing our dream of being parents. God is bigger than my fear and until we feel Him calling us in a different direction, I am going to push past my fears because I know what’s on the other side of it, our baby.

I’m not sure what you are waiting for. Maybe it’s applying for a job, asking someone on a date, trying a new class or booking a plane ticket. Seeing a new doctor, getting a second opinion, or traveling miles and miles for appointments. Whether it’s something you are waiting to receive or something you are waiting to do, I urge you, just like the thousands of freshmen that embarked on a new beginning by going to college, push through your fears. If God is calling you to do it, despite your fears, He will make it happen. The opportunities waiting on the other side of fear are far bigger and greater than anything you can imagine.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”  George Addair

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