When the Water Stops Working

We live in an older home and lately, I feel like it’s been falling apart. This summer our air conditioner stopped working, we have a leak we can’t locate and just last week, our water softener started acting up. Of course, this happened on a Friday, after 5 pm, so we had to wait until Monday for someone to come look at it.

Since we had no idea what was going on, we thought it best to shut off the valve that brings water into the house. While we were still able to turn on the water when needed, we avoided it when possible so we didn’t make the situation worse. We had very limited to no water use for 5 days, until they were able to come fix it.

Before our water was turned back on, you know how many times I instinctively turned on the faucet, yet no water came out? You think I would’ve learned that it wasn’t working after the 10th time. As you can imagine, not having ready access to water was a big inconvenience, but it reminded me of an important life lesson: to not take things for granted.

The things we take for granted go beyond water, food and air. It includes relationships, grace, forgiveness, trust, encouragement, etc. We assume they will always be there and without realizing it, forget to cherish or acknowledge how much we appreciate and need them. How often does that happen in our relationship with God, friends, family and yourself?

During a season of waiting, it can be easy to take things for granted because you’re so focused on the one thing your heart is longing for. I’m not saying to forget about that desire, but rather change your perspective to also invest and appreciate what you do have in your life. Tend to those areas as well so when your waiting season is over, they are still there and come out stronger. This is a continuous work in progress so please don’t beat yourself up about it. The important part is being aware and committing yourself to make changes.

I know I’ve taken Ry for granted during our infertility journey. He is the even keel, rational one in our relationship, and for so long, I expected him to always pick me up when disappointment came each month. I took for granted he would always be strong, without realizing, a time would come when his water would slowly shut off and I would need to carry that load.

Adjusting our focus on what we do have, still longing for our wait, allows us to feel some sense of joy, peace and contentment. It’s giving yourself a break from constantly putting all your mentally energy into what you are waiting for to enjoy what you have. Continue to pray for your wait and take steps to receive it; balancing it out by investing in what you do have.

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