Lessons Learned From Infertility

I told God if waiting for kids is part of our story, I want to get the most out of. I want to allow Him to transform me during this time. I do not want to waste my wait. I thought I would share some of the lessons I’ve learned and relearned while Living in the Wait. Note, they’re not glamorous or easy and might be hard to swallow. Big gulps.

  • Life is not fair
    • No matter what age you are, how good your health is, the size of your faith, how much money you have, etc., none of that makes you immune to difficult situations in life. God knows that life is painful.
  • Emotions can coexist
    • Before infertility, I thought you either were happy or sad. I see now that these emotions can coexist. I can be happy but it’s also okay and healthy to have feelings of doubt, hopelessness, anger, loneliness, etc. hanging out together. The most important part is what we do with those feelings. Do we allow them consume our lives or do we bring them to God to guide us in managing them?
  • Keep living
    • Your life is happening right now; not when whatever you are waiting for has arrived. Ask yourself, what energizes you, what gets you excited or brings you joy? Those are the things to focus on to live in your wait. God came so we may have life to the fullest, so go live it!
  • Be your own advocate
    • I cannot stress this enough. It is your health, your life and you are in control of it. Do your research ahead of time. Ask questions. Talk to others who have been on similar paths. Knowledge is power. You do not know what you don’t know so ask and ask again. More insight on this can be found in this post 8 Ways to Be Your Own Advocate.
  • There is value in the wait
    • We live in a fast-paced society – Jiffy Lube, fast food, express lanes – you get the idea. Often times waiting has a negative connotation because it’s viewed as an inconvenience to our schedule and expectations. But when we can’t acquire what we want, when we want it, it forces us to turn to God. We realize He is all we have. It’s hard to hear Him when we are moving a million miles a minute. Pause, be still and allow Him to reveal the value in your wait. He will. Today’s blog post is living proof of it.

How would you finish this sentence, Infertility has taught me…

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