September E+DAY

I know this E+DAY post is a few days early but Wednesday, September 12 is National Encouragement Day and I wanted to get the word out ahead of time!

The church we attend recently did a series called Made For This, which highlighted what God truly made us for. It kicked off with one of my favorite topics, and the heart behind E+DAY, generosity. As the message below shares, there are a multitude of ways to do this. We often hear of being generous with our time, talents and treasures but what about the other resources we have? Ponder that for a second. We all have different ways of being generous based upon the gifts and talents God has given us. What does that look like for you?

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Words: The tongue has the power of life or death. Generously share words of encouragement, value, support, and hope
  • Grace: Lavishly extend grace to someone even it they don’t deserve it. This is exactly what God did and continues to do for us.
  • Lead: If there are ways to give of your skills and knowledge to mentor or coach others, be obedient to help.
  • Story: God made you on purpose. Generously sharing your story could lead others to Christ or provide hope and encouragement for someone who really needs it.
  • Hope: When we are full of hope, we only have one option… to generously share with others!
  • Forgiveness: We’ve all been wronged by someone but this time, could you freely forgive them and work to move forward?
  • Prayer: Be generous with your prayers. That includes your friends and enemies.
  • Heart: Love freely. Be big-hearted.

While I connect with all of these, I am most called to be generous with my heart. Ry often shares one of the many reasons he fell in love with me is because of my big heart. For me, it’s truly caring about others and showing them empathy. It’s praying for them whenever their name crosses my mind. Being intentional with relationships to support them in all times, not just when things are going great. It’s being invested, regardless of what I get in return because God created me to use my heart for His glory.

There are numerous ways to be generous and it’s about finding what God has called you to do. Try it for yourself. What ways can you be generous? The only thing standing in your way is you.

Not sure what E+DAY is? Check out this page for more info… I know you are curious!

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