He Still Does Miracles

As you know, Ry and I have been hoping and praying for the miracle of getting pregnant for over three years. While we’re still waiting, these words from Beth Moore capture the perspective we should take while waiting and wondering on our miracle.

“Jesus still works miracles. Normally you’ve got to need a miracle to see one. Sometimes you will get the miracle you hoped, longed and prayed for. Sometimes you won’t and the miracle will be that you made it through something you would’ve sworn would kill you. You ARE the miracle.”

When we started our infertility journey, I would’ve been hard pressed to agree with today’s message. There was only one miracle I wanted and it was to be pregnant. Plus, for most of our journey we’ve had no physical affirmation to persuade us a miracle could or would happen.

As I reflected on these words, I started to see countless miracles God has already done throughout our infertility journey. They weren’t on my want list, but I am beyond grateful He gave them to me. It took me 2.5 years to see them, but they are the reason I am today, sharing my story with you and fully Living in the Wait. It’s a miracle when I think of where I was years ago. He saved me from the vicious cycle of disappointment and hopelessness during our wait.

Thinking about miracles this way transforms our perspective. With this mindset, our miracle is more than one possibility;  it’s allowing for multiple. I know waiting for your miracle isn’t easy. My heart goes out to you because I know how difficult it is. But could I challenge you to shift your mindset to allow God to show you ALL the miracles He is doing in your life? I know it doesn’t fill the gaping hole in your heart for the miracle you desire, but trust that Jesus loves you and will show you the value in your wait.

You know I love a good tune and “He Still Does (Miracles)” by Hawk Nelson pairs perfectly with the words of Beth Moore. If you are doubting whether or not God can provide your miracle put this song on repeat. You’ve faced many situations that would lead you to believe your miracle won’t happen. But praise Jesus, the chorus comes in to remind us that God STILL DOES miracles. Against all odds, expectations and plans, God does miracles.

The miracle you are waiting for might not be the only miracle God does in your life. Be open to God performing multiple miracles along the way.

“When you’re at the end of the road
And it’s not the one that you would have chosen
When you’re at the end of your rope
And you’re holding on, but feel like you’re falling

Like the fire in the night
Like the ocean parted wide
Like the grave, empty inside
You will see He still does
Miracles, miracles, miracles, miracles

Even if you don’t see it now
Without a doubt, He’s already moving
There is not a pain that you hold
He doesn’t know, and He isn’t using”

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