Restorative Road Trip

As you’ve maybe gathered, Ry and I love being outdoors. Hence, we made another trip to the Black Hills National Forest over Labor Day Weekend. Read about our first trip here, which involved a hailstorm. Good times. To put things in perspective, we live on the eastern side of the state, which is extremely flat. You can see for miles. The Black Hills is on the western side and is all rolling hills. It’s a six hour drive but worth it for the scenery when you hike and mountain bike. A little geography lesson if you ever decide to visit South Dakota!

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Sweet tunnel on the George S. Mickelson Trail

Our theme for this trip was restorative, which means healing or uplifting, and is exactly what we needed. Our summer was pretty chill, but with school in session at South Dakota State University, both our lives have gotten substantially busy with traveling, events and work. This trip was our chance to prioritize ourselves with minimal obligations. We had no major agenda or timelines, just Ry, I and nature. The best part was no cell service for four entire days! Amazing!

This time around, we roughed it. We pitched our tent and stayed at Hanna Campground. A fun tidbit is that this campsite is the coldest in the Black Hills. I wish I would’ve known this BEFORE we left because I didn’t pack appropriately for the temps dropping into the 30’s and 40’s. Yup, I could see my breath!

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During the day we hiked, mountain biked and went UTV riding. We got to see some pretty awesome sites biking the George S. Mickelson Trail, climbing Custer Peak to see the Fire Lookout Tower and cruising along the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway. We are pretty fortunate as we get to go back to the Black Hills one more time before winter hits. My dad won a three-night stay at a chalet so the whole family is headed out again. I can’t wait!

September_Restorative Trip In Blog3
Custer Peak

This restorative trip was important because so often we put the rest of our life on hold when we are in a season of waiting. I can’t do that, forget doing that, etc. etc.

This year’s been different as we’ve made a point to get out and do the things we love, regardless of our infertility wait. Be smart and safe about your decisions, but make. them. happen. That’s my challenge for you. Schedule a trip or activity, whatever it is that’s restorative for you. It doesn’t have to be a major trip that costs a ton of money. It could be a trip down the block. Be intentional and get it booked, now; not later.

What restorative things do you like to do during your wait?

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