It All Started with a Wait

I want to take it back to where it began. Where Jesus met me and shifted my focus and purpose during our season of infertility. Where He nudged me to share our story to bring hope and encouragement to others in their seasons of waiting. I’m bringing it back to the very foundation of why I started my blog and that revolves around waiting.

I remember I was picking up sticks in our yard the fall of 2017 and the whole idea of waiting, it’s purpose and how to live in it kept popping into my mind. Waiting had captivated my heart and mind and I wanted to dig deeper into this idea and what it means for our lives. Jesus gave me these words and message to share with you because my heart is to truly help you live in the wait.

I’ve waited to share more about this because I struggled with wanting this message to be perfect. After posting about my struggles with perfection, I knew it was time to talk about waiting because sharing this message is more important than having it perfectly written.

I want to dig deeper into the topic of waiting because it’s a game changer. Waiting is a part of life. We all experience it, but how do we handle it, how do we find the value in it and what if we changed our perception of it?

My ultimate hope by sharing this message is that you will learn to Live in the Wait. That you would go to Jesus and ask Him to transform you during this time. Waiting is difficult, there is no way around that, but when we look to Jesus to find the value in our wait, He softens our hearts so our wait is no longer about us, but about Him and His glory.

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