October E+DAY

I know this E+DAY post is a few days past October 14, but it’s never too late to celebrate E+DAY!

Not sure what E+DAY is? Check out this page for more info… I know you are curious!

Ry and I went recently attended a marriage event put on by the church we attend. We wanted to get the tickets before they sold out so we purchased three sets of tickets knowing we could find other friends or family to come. In the end, my parent’s and a friend of mine and her husband were able to come.

As the event was ending, my friend was about to pay us for the tickets when Ry said, “Pay it forward instead.” I love that man and his heart for giving. He’s always thinking and is the inspiration for this month’s E+DAY post.

Pay it forward. You may have heard that phrase before but aren’t sure what it means. It’s a modern version of the golden rule, do to others what you would have them do to you (Matthew 7:12). It’s sharing the good you have received with someone else. It’s being generous to others because someone was first generous to you.

  • If someone pays for your coffee, pay it forward and do the same for someone else.
  • If someone shares a compliment with you, give one to someone else.
  • You receive word a friend has been praying for you, return the favor and pray for that friend or someone else.
  • If the door is held open for you, help someone out and do the same.
  • It’s lifting someone up, emotionally, because others have done that for you many times before.

I’ve had so many people pay it forward to me. That’s why I love E+DAY so much. I’ve been given so much good and want others to experience it as well.

These pay it forward checks can be of any size, shape or dollar amount. They don’t have to be large gestures or acts to mean something to the recipient. Being on the receiving end of the generosity is what gets people.

I encourage you to be on the lookout for opportunities to pay it forward on E+DAY and every day!

FYI, the event was amazing and featured Jay and Katherine Wolf from Hope Heals. I cannot encourage you enough to visit their website and learn more about their story.

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