Jesus Waited

Since focusing on the idea of waiting, a concept I had never thought of before began to form: Jesus waited, too.

You see, Jesus was sent to earth to die on the cross and through His death and resurrection, we can have eternal life. Jesus came to this earth and was here, waiting to die for you and I. He knew what He was sent to do. He knew what His purpose was, but until that was fulfilled, He was on earth, waiting.

During Jesus’ time on earth, he didn’t just sit around, waiting until He was supposed to die. No, He lived life to the fullest!! He shared the Gospel, performed miracles, brought healing and gave people life! The list of all the ways He lived during his 30+ years on earth goes on and on! Jesus is the ultimate example of how we are supposed to live in the wait.

This is great news for us currently waiting! Jesus experienced waiting firsthand so He completely understands what we are going through. That means we can boldly go to Him with all our fears, concerns, disappointments, tears and heartache. While our wait may be different than His, He reassures us, through His own experience, we are not alone. While it doesn’t eliminate your wait, it provides hope, comfort and peace. You guys, Jesus gets it. He gets waiting.

Once I dwelled on this, waiting no longer was this unfair, punishing part of life. The best way I can describe it is that it became normal in a way. It’s because if Jesus waited, it makes sense that we would wait, too. That’s why I wanted to share this message. For you to know you are not alone in waiting. Jesus knows what it’s like to wait. He’s our answer and the only way we can live our life to the fullest during our wait. He gets it and wants to help you. So, go to Him, He’s waiting for you.

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