Where to Find Shelter

We’ve all been there before, caught in an unexpected rain shower. What is the first thing you typically look for when that happens? Shelter.

And why is that? You’re trying to find a place for coverage or protection. A building or structure to keep you safe.

While buildings provide great coverage for our physical health, what about protection and safety for the rest of our well-being? For the times when life gets difficult or goes unexpected. When we are tired and worn out. When the wait continues to linger on. During these times, we are searching for protection to keep our hearts safe. We need more than brick and mortar. We need a supernatural shelter and friends, that is God.

I never knew how much I needed shelter until infertility came. Friends and family were there, but I never found such peace and protection until I ran to God during our wait. When I finally took cover under Him, the truth of what He says about my life and His love for me could finally offer me protection from the pain of my wait. It was difficult to have that coverage when I wasn’t taking shelter in Him.

My pain didn’t magically disappear, but my hope was renewed and that kept me going for another day, another month. When I was bogged down with disappointment at our situation, I could go to Him, without fear of judgement for the way I was feeling. He listened as I continually poured my heart out to Him. He offered me protection from the pain and kept my heart safe. He is the only reason I’m still standing. He was holding me together than and is to this day.

Maybe you are wondering how this happens. You want what I’ve shared, but something is holding you back. Could it be the fear of trusting in someone you can’t physically see? Or maybe it’s because you are afraid of being vulnerable. A great place to start is by listening to the song, “Shelter” by Jordan Feliz.

We all need a refuge to protect us from the heartaches and disappointments of life. God is the only shelter that can provide this supernatural coverage for our lives. He is ready and willing, but it’s up to us to go to Him for that protection.

“Where can I go when life falls heavy and fear is thundering?
Lord, You cover me
‘Cause I know my best protection is right in front of me
So I’m gonna be
Running to my shelter
Running to my shelter
You’re holding me together
I’m running to my shelter”

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