A Lifetime of Waiting: Jesus Still Waits

I recently shared a message highlighting the fact that Jesus Waited. Since He died and rose from the grave, His wait on earth is over, and yet, He’s STILL waiting. Any ideas why?

The whole reason Jesus came to earth and died was for YOU and I. Our sins nailed Jesus to the cross. He died so we could have life to the fullest, and yet, we make Jesus wait to have our hearts.

He’s STILL waiting because of us. He waits for us to spend time with Him. To come to Him in prayer. To trust Him. Period. To love Him. To forgive others. He experiences waiting when His children refuse a relationship with Him. When they deny who He is and hardened their hearts to Him. He experiences the pain of waiting from us all the time.

Why is this important to know?

  1. Our eternal life depends on this.
    1. Until the entire world confesses their sins and accepts Jesus as their Savior, He will continue to wait for us. He loves us so much that He’s willing to wait years, decades, almost entire lifetimes for His children to come to Him. There will be a time, when the world ends and Jesus won’t be waiting anymore. Please, don’t wait until it’s too late. If you are interested in starting a relationship with Jesus, watch this short video for more resources or contact me.
  2. Our transformation depends on this.
    1. It’s easy to blame Jesus for making us wait, instead of going to Him with it. We are upset with Him because our plans and expectations are not happening according to our timeline. I get it. I’ve lived in that anger with God. But you guys, He is far more concerned about your heart – truly knowing God – than getting whatever you are waiting for, because your eternal life depends on it. He wants nothing more than for us to go to Him during our wait to transform our hearts and show us how we can Live in the Wait.

The fact that Jesus is STILL waiting (present tense) means He gets it. He understands all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that revolve around waiting. He understands the deep, debilitating desires we have in our hearts and are longing for. He understands what it feels like to have your heart physically broken every. single. Day. He understands because He has those same feelings when it comes to us accepting or rejecting Him as our Savior.

Jesus is waiting for you today. Only you know what He is waiting for. Please, don’t make Him wait any longer.

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