Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrate our four-year wedding anniversary. One of my favorite things we did after we got married, was to write down all the special moments that happened throughout the day. We wanted to be able to look back and reminisce about all that happened to make our day truly ours. Below are a few of my favorites. Please comment below as I’d love to hear some from your big day!

>Ry was waiting for me to arrive for our first look. He was sitting at a small café when a lady came up to him and said, “Are you getting married today?” Ry, in his tux, says, “Yes,” to which she instantly replied, “Don’t,” and walked off.

>My parents collect vintage cars. My mom’s name is Dort and would you know it, there was a car made by a guy named Josiah Dort. And, they were able to track one down – a 1923 Dort 6 Three Door. Being old and all, there were a few issues with it, like completely shutting off while running. My brother knew how to handle it in case something did happen, so he chauffeured us from the church to the reception. We were riding along, laughing as people honked and waved, when we came upon a red stop light, on a hill, and the vehicle was struggling to keep going. Remember, old car. Instead of stopping and losing our momentum, my brother bumped the vehicle in front of us just as the light turned green. And guess who happened to be driving that car? His wife! Thankfully, no one was hurt and we continued to the reception.
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>For our entrance into the reception, we came up with the idea to reenact our engagement story. We were silhouetted, standing behind white paper, while our DJ read our story. Ry and I took turns playing Pictionary before he got down on one knee. We made our grand entrance, bursting through the paper and surprising everyone. You can see this in action in our wedding video.
November_Annv in Blog.png>While I knew many of the details for our big day, there was one I didn’t want to know. I told Ry to surprise me by picking the song for our first dance. He picked“When You Fall in Love” by Andrew Ripp. Listening to that song for the first time, I got to experience Ry’s heart and love for me all over again. We dance to it every wedding anniversary.

I’d love to hear about your big day! Comment below with your favorite wedding memory or first dance!

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