The Master of Surprises

Like most people, I have expectations of how I want things to happen in my life. I see it one way and that’s it. It’s like I have blinders on. This is where life gets interesting and God shows up in unexpected ways. I think He loves to surprise us as a reminder of how much He loves us and how truly powerful He is.

Ry and I have been on a path of infertility for three years, and with that, comes hefty bills. While we do have money in savings, our medical bills, plus basic incidents of life, like our air conditioner breaking down, a hit and run accident and some other minor things, put us in a position where we could’ve really used some extra cash. Who couldn’t, right?! On top of all that, there was a conference, Christy Wright’s Business Boutique, God laid on my heart to attend, but having extra discretionary funds were in question due to our other needs. I signed up for the conference, trusting the money would come, but still needed to find the funds to cover the trip.

Neither of us had specifically been praying for additional dollars, but God showed up in a way that was totally NOT on our radar. I never thought the package of providing would’ve looked the way it did and I absolutely love how He surprised us.

Little back story. My mom went to school for marketing and to fulfill one of her classes, I got my first taste of walking the runway when I was six years old. Since then, my dream was to be a model. I quickly learned that what I had to offer the modeling world wasn’t in demand, so, my dream became a hobby. I signed up with a modeling agency when I was in high school and have done several jobs since.

November_Model in Blog
Rockin’ the runway circa 1990. Yes, that’s the Tasmanian Devil on my t-shirt. No I don’t know why.

It had been years since my last gig, so you can imagine my surprise when I got an email from the agency saying a client had selected me to be in their commercial. What?! When I got the details of the job, I instantly knew it was God who made it happen. What made this news even better was that I was in the middle of a blog series, Farmer’s Daughter, highlighting the important role seeds play in our lives. How fitting when I found out I was cast as a seed woman! I love how God tied that all together!

Not only did the income from this gig help fund my trip to the conference, it helped with several general life expenses. This story is a prime example of God’s faithfulness. It’s a reminder that He does answer our prayers and wants to show up in our lives. He knows what we need and will bring it to us at the proper time.

Our expectations can often blind us to what God is doing in our lives. We are looking to the right for so long, that we forget to look left and miss the unbelievable and surprising plans He is working in our favor. I’m so thankful God gave me this reminder to let Him work in my life, instead of always trying to control it myself. I hope this encourages you today to allow God to surprise you. What He comes up with is better anyway!

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