3 Nuggets of Wisdom from Business Boutique

The beginning of November, my mom and I attended Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville, TN. There were over 3,000 women at this event, all hungry for knowledge, connectivity and reassurance that the desire, idea or passion in them was worth pursuing. That it wasn’t some crazy thought, but a purpose God placed in them that only they could fulfill.

I attended Business Boutique because from day 1, I knew God wanted Living in the Wait to be something more, something bigger than myself. Navigating something like this requires lots of knowledge and support so I knew going to this conference was a tool I needed in my toolbox. The all-star lineup of speakers stirred the fire I’ve had in my heart for Living in the Wait to be a ministry to encourage couples to live life to the fullest during their infertility wait. I’m not sure where it will take me, but I know I have to keep going. So many people are experiencing this and I want that journey to look different. I don’t want them to have to go through the same frustrations and mistakes I went through.

While “business” is in the conference title, the principles are applicable to more than a business idea. I have three takeaways I want to share and hope they light a fire in you like they did for me.

  1. You Have a Spot to Fill
    I’ve often downplayed the desire God has placed in my heart with my blog. Part of me didn’t feel qualified, but more than anything I was scared to allow Him to work through me. But this conference reminded me that God uniquely made me and equipped me with specific skills that only I can provide to others. There are problems in this world that only I can solve because of who God made me. It’s a reminder for any of us wondering if what we do makes a difference or what our purpose in life is. Know this, the experiences you have lived through, the skills and knowledge you have acquired, are uniquely yours and have a purpose to fulfill. You are qualified because of what God says you have to offer, not because of what you think you do or don’t have.
  2. God Will Provide
    If God has placed a desire in your heart He will provide. The hardest part for us is TRUSTING Him to provide and our willingness to accept what it will look like. What He provides may look different than what we expected, but God knows what we need and when. Christy shared she was freaking out about how the conference was all going to come together and God spoke to her saying, “Christy, the reason you are freaking out is because you think this is your event. It’s not, it’s my event.” This idea, passion and desire you have is God’s. Remember that when you think it’s too big of a dream, seems impossible or are worried how it will all play out. It’s God’s and He wants to see it come to fruition to bring His kingdom glory.
  3. Do It Scared
    I recently shared a post about The Paralyzing Power of Perfection and how striving for perfection often leads to paralysis analysis. After hearing such reaffirming messages at Business Boutique, I had an unsettled feeling and finally understood why. I am tired of allowing myself to be afraid to do the things God is calling me to do. I’m tired of playing it small when I have the almighty urging me to do big things. I’m tired of my willingness to allow this to be a part of my life. I don’t have all the answers, but armed with the aforementioned knowledge, I’m not as scared anymore. As Christy said, “If I’m scared it’s because I’m doing something that matters.”

What desires, ideas or passions do you have that need reassurance? Today’s message is your reminder that they aren’t some crazy thoughts. They hold a purpose and it’s something only you can fulfill.

Interested in learning more about Business Boutique and this year’s speakers? Check it out and find them on social media. They have some pretty life-changing content to share with you!

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