The Farmer’s Daughter Part 5 – Harvest is Here

At the end of May, I started a series called The Farmer’s Daughter, which walked through the steps a farmer takes every year and how they relate to our lives. Throughout the series we talked about:
Part 1 –  Similarities between farming and our everyday lives
Part 2 – Importance of choosing the right seeds
Part 3 – Picking the right foundation to plant your seeds
Part 4 – Crop Report

Today we get to talk about the final step, harvest! By definition, it’s the process or period of gathering in crops. This post was originally scheduled for November, but as you keep reading, you’ll see why I’m posting it now, and understand even more what it means to harvest!

Sometimes harvest takes longer than planned.
This year’s harvest season in South Dakota was very wet due to lots of rain and snow. Even though my dad started harvesting October 3 he didn’t finish until November 19. Seasons before he was able to start and finish all in October. Due to the weather, harvest took much longer than planned. Farmer’s know it’s the typical time to harvest, they can see their crops are ready to come out, but the ground is too wet. If they tried to get in the fields, they would get stuck. During this time, there isn’t a lot a farmer can do, but trust no matter how long it takes to harvest, they will get into the fields.

Maybe it’s harvest time in your life, but there are obstacles in your way. You can see whatever you prayed for is ready to be picked, but there is still some waiting involved. Maybe you can sense your harvest is coming, but it’s taking longer than you planned to fully reap the benefits. Just like the farmer, continue trusting, praying and believing you will reap the full benefits of your harvest, no matter how long it takes.

Sometimes harvest starts and stops.
I thought once harvest started it would continue, uninterrupted, until there was no more to reap. Mother nature can always teach us something and this harvest season was no different. While my dad started harvesting early, due to all the rain and snow the ground became way too soft. And just like that, he had to stop. He wasn’t able to get back into the fields until weeks later and even then, he had to stop again due to weather. This season of harvest involved a lot of starting and stopping. He eventually got all 1,500 acres out of the ground, but as I mentioned, it wasn’t continuous.

I had this misconceived notion that when harvest arrived it would be smooth sailing. The proper time has arrived and we can start the continuous celebration of what God has provided. While all of this is true, harvest may still require some waiting. Wah-wah… I know, but stick with me. Maybe part of your harvest has come, but you are waiting for the rest. There may be some starting and stopping, but God urges you to keep going. Trust the process that the harvest you started is something you will reap until God says it’s complete.

I hope you enjoyed this series and found it applicable and for whatever you are experiencing. If you planted any seeds, please share below and include any benefits you are reaping from you harvest. Your story is a living example of the power of God in our lives!

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