Our Wait Has Changed

Living in the Wait now has new meaning.

After three years of unexplained infertility, which led to our most challenging days, with gratitude in our hearts we are overjoyed to share God answered our prayers.

Baby Vande Kieft is joining us May 2019.

Our announcement is a sincere invitation to share in our happiness. You’ve given weekly shots, been blog readers, included us in your kids’ family events, and thought of us on Mother’s/Father’s Day. You’ve shared your own personal experiences with infertility, stories of your children praying for us, and passed along family heirlooms you’ve prayed upon. You’ve checked in on our well-being and offered kind words of support. You’ve even shared a few tears. Most important of all, you’ve been generous in prayer.

God took His time making someone so special. Share with us now in something much bigger than ourselves, the miracle of life. We ask that your prayers continue for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. You forever have a place in our hearts.

Ryan and Melissa

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Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.

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