How to Live a Full Life


John 10:10 NIV – I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

Before infertility, I thought a full life was based on what I did or didn’t have. So, when I wasn’t getting pregnant, I thought, how can I have a full life when the one thing that would make it full, I’m stuck waiting for?

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself a similar question with your wait?

It was October 2016, when Jesus shared this verse and it’s true meaning with me, which ultimately inspired this blog. The fullness of our lives is not dependent on the things we have or don’t have, what we get or don’t get or achieve or don’t achieve. It’s more than just the material things. Yes, those can add value to our lives, but they are circumstantial. If that is the gauge we use to determine how full our lives are, it would change daily, if not hourly. We need something constant and stable to measure our lives and thankfully, we have an option: Jesus

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He is how we live life to the full and the life He’s referencing in this verse is eternal life. Once we have a relationship with Him, that full life is ours forever. It’s not dependent on our own merit or achievements; it’s because of Him, and only Him. That means friend, no matter if you get pregnant, get that job, get married or are healed, you have life to the full. Knowing this, changes our perspective on our wait and our mindset shifts to things above, not just what the world tells us. He changes our hearts from only wanting to receive our gift, to wanting Him to use our story to bring Him glory.

I understand knowing this doesn’t take away the pain and disappointment you feel going through life. Those feelings will still be there because we are human. But remember, the fullness of our lives is not based upon our feelings or the things I mentioned above. Our lives are full because of WHO we know, not WHAT we have. You can have a full life, even when you’re waiting. How? Because of Jesus and what He did on the cross.

If you are interested in learning more about starting a relationship with Jesus, please contact me or watch this short video for more resources.

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