When You Feel Like You’re a Target for the Enemy

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Because of Living in the Wait, I’ve had the opportunity to reach thousands of people with the good news of Jesus Christ.
I just celebrated my blog’s one-year anniversary, my passion to encourage others to make the most of their wait continues to grow and recently launched a pilot podcast. All this to say, lives are being changed and it makes sense that because of this, Satan is NOT a fan. So, when I heard “Right Where You Want Me” by Sarah Reeves, I was reminded that leading people to Christ is a battle the devil doesn’t want us to win.

I mentioned before that self-doubt is my sidekick. This recently flared up after recording an episode for the Living in the Wait Podcast. I had prayed on my way to the studio, that the message would glorify God and encourage people to trust Him in their wait. The moment I walked out of the building, the inner critic began hurling insults, “You should’ve done this” or “Why did you say that?” For the life of me, I couldn’t shake those destructive thoughts. I eventually had a moment of clarity, that maybe the reason I was feeling this way was because my prayer was being answered and the enemy wanted to stop that from happening. The following lyrics resonated with the dialogue I’d been having.

“If I’m a target for the enemy
Then it means I’m where I’m supposed to be”

So, I ask you this, how many feel that constant tug of war in your heart and mind about yourself or your wait? Where you continuously think I should’ve done this or why did I do that? These thoughts are exhausting and the devil wants them to break you down so instead of trusting God with your wait, you turn away from Him. The enemy wants you to believe the lies that you aren’t qualified to receive that job, you aren’t worthy of finding a spouse or aren’t good enough to be a parent. You fill in the blank. Believing those lies can take us away from the very purpose God has in store for us.

But as these lyrics remind us, when you make waves in the spiritual realm the devil notices and He doesn’t like it. He’s going to come at you any way he can to get you to stop trusting God. Our waiting periods are the perfect time for that to happen because we feel so confused, isolated, frustrated and disappointed. That’s why I encourage you to make the most of your wait and the only way that can happen is by trusting in God.

I think there’s this misconception that where we’re supposed to be is easy with everything going our way. Our infertility journey taught me that while that may be true sometimes, it’s those moments when life’s difficult and unknown, that maybe, just maybe, you’re right where you’re supposed to be in order for your life to be transformed. So, make up your mind, fix your eyes on Him and don’t let anybody, including yourself, hold you back from what God is leading and teaching you to do during your wait.

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