The Unexpected Benefits Found in the Unexpected Moments of Life

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This entire month we’ve been having car issues. Earlier this week, Ry went to start the car and nothing. It had JUST been working the day before so of course, we had expected the car to start.

I couldn’t help but think of how many other things in life are like that. You’re expecting one thing, only to have it end up looking different than what you thought it would. While this month it’s our car, for three years, it was an unexpected path to parenthood.

This narrative might ring true for you too, but maybe it’s because you expected to be married, have a better job, be healed, etc., and you’re not. It’s not what you wanted, it’s not what you planned, it wasn’t supposed to happen this way, and yet, here you are.

Life is full of unexpected situations, some good and others not so good. So, the question becomes, how do we handle them? For our car situation, we thankfully have a second vehicle and carpooled. Yes, it was inconvenient, required more planning and disrupted both of our schedules. There was some adjustment on both our ends to make it work. Not to mention the cost of fixing or vehicle.

While all those statements are true, we had a choice to make in that moment: let it ruin our day or make the most of the situation. We chose the latter and agreed this gave us an opportunity to spend a little more time together, that we typically wouldn’t have. This time was much needed for us to connect as our schedules have been hectic this month. I know our car situation doesn’t rank high on the life crisis scale, but I do believe these seemingly minor, unexpected moments prepare us for the even bigger ones in life.

I’m not sure what unexpected things you are facing today. I’m sorry you are going through them because I know what a disruption they can be. But I encourage you to see it as an opportunity to make the most of your situation. Whether that allows you to spend more time with God, family or yourself. Or gives you the chance to travel, take risks or become comfortable asking for help.

No matter how insignificant or monumental the impact you think this unexpected situation will make in your life, it all serves a purpose in preparing you for the road ahead.

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