A Guaranteed Game of Seek and Find


When we were trying to get pregnant, that was the only thing I thought about. I was seeking any possible option or information from others, including Dr. Google, to help us. But it wasn’t until 2.5 years into our journey, that I honestly started seeking God with our infertility journey. I was so consumed with what I was waiting for I failed to seek the one who could help me with it most, God.

We may seek or consult friends, family, the internet or material things, all before we decide to give God a shot at our situation. We search all over the place to find peace, answers, love, grace… the list goes on and on. While we may find some relief with friends and family, this verse encourages us that the only one we need to seek is God. He is capable of handling and providing all of the above and abundantly more for us.

What I love most about seeking God is that we can do it anytime, anywhere, anyplace. There is no prior authorization that has to happen before we approach the throne of God. We have an all access pass to the God who created the Heavens and the Earth. Think on that for a moment. WOW.

Even better, in this verse, God promises, that if we seek Him, we will find Him. There is no maybe, only between the hours of 8 – 5 pm or when the weather is a perfect 79 degrees with no wind (which NEVER happens in South Dakota in case you are wondering). What a relief to know He’s not hiding from us when we need Him. When we seek him, we’ll find Him; it’s as simple as that my friends.

Notice how this verse tells us we have some effort to put forth. God wants to know we are committed to Him with our whole heart; not just the outcome we are seeking Him to provide.

So, my encouragement to you is to seek God. Whether your currently in a wait or not, God wants us to seek Him at all times. Consult Him about what you are going through. Ask Him the hard questions. He wants us to go to Him and as this verse promises, we will find Him. And once you do, you’ll experience all His grace, love and power to get you through another day, month or year of waiting.

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