Finding Purpose Through Your Pain

April_Purpose Pain
We recently wrapped up Childbirth Prep classes at our local hospital. I’m so thankful these are available! Throughout the course, the nurse reminded us multiple times, your labor pains have a purpose. While yes, they may be painful and uncomfortable, they are temporary and ultimately get you to your purpose: meeting your baby. She was helping us frame the experience from a purpose perspective vs. pain perspective.  

While our nurse was explaining the pain associated with childbirth, I immediately reflected on the pain that comes with infertility or any wait. Can anyone else relate?

Joy in Pain
My outlook on our infertility journey didn’t start off this way. It took me 2.5 years to be open to God showing me joy can be found in our pain. Even then, it wasn’t an all or none type of thing. It was and continues to be a process. But as time when by, it started to shift and I realized that I can have joy despite my circumstances because of Jesus. It comes from the relationship I have with Him. Through my pain, He’s taught me so much about who He is and how He works in our lives.

My joy is no longer solely tied to my circumstances.

That’s why I was able to still live in the wait during our infertility journey. When I kept my focus on who God is and the joy, He has in store for me, despite my circumstances, I was able to change my outlook to see our wait from a purpose perspective. And the same is true for you, too.

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Purpose in Pain
The joy I’m finding through our infertility experience has given me a new purpose. Through our pain, Jesus filled a need I didn’t even know I had and gave me life in a way I least expected it. He provided me a platform through this blog to help others and being able to connect with all of you has brought me so much joy. I know I wouldn’t have been fully prepared to step into this new purpose, had I not experienced the pain.

Now it’s your turn. How can this message ring true for you? How can you find the purpose through your pain? I’m not saying it’s an easy or pretty process. It seems that purpose is most often found in our lowest, deepest and ugliest parts of our lives, because at that point, we truly have nothing left and it’s often where we meet God.

I have yet to meet a mom who said the pain of childbirth wasn’t worth it. The same can be said for the pains we experience in life. At the time, they are excruciating, but remember they serve a purpose. It might not be revealed in 24-36 hours like labor, but trust and believe that God will show you when the proper time has arrived. I don’t know what purpose will come from your pain, but God does, and that’s what matters most friends. And as you look back to see His hand at work, you will be in awe at the joy and purpose He orchestrated through your pain.

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