Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary


Today we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Time has gone by WAY too fast! Ironic, considering all the waiting we did to get to our wedding day and beyond. HA! This is the first year since we’ve been married we get to celebrate this day as a family of three.

While we’ll reminisce about our favorite wedding moments, this day is no longer just a celebration of Ry and I. It’s also a celebration of the legacy we now get to pass on to our daughter.

Our wedding anniversary creates the perfect opportunity to share our story with Crosbee, including all the highlights and heartache. I want her to know this day is a celebration of God’s grace. It’s a celebration of for better or for worse. It’s a celebration of Living in the Wait.

Every wedding anniversary, Ry and I dance to the song he picked for our first dance, “When You Fall in Love” by Andrew Ripp. While he’s danced to this song multiple times with Crosbee, especially to get her to fall asleep, I can’t wait to dance to this song as a family of three on this special day.

I’d love to hear about your big day! Comment below with your favorite wedding memory or first dance!

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