E+DAY January 2020 – Meal Train

Jan. E+DAY
One thing I really appreciated receiving after Crosbee was born were freezer meals.
Knowing I didn’t have to make a decision about what to make, much less actually make it, was a huge relief. It was just the encouragement we needed as we began our journey as new parents. 

I recently learned about an organization in our community that offers a meal train ministry for new mom’s faced with an unplanned pregnancy, and instantly knew I wanted to be involved. Plus, their mission is “to transform women’s lives by the word of the gospel and equip them to choose life.”

My first delivery is in a week. I’ve been praying for this new mom, and hope through this ministry she learns about Jesus. These meals could be just the encouragement she needs to start a relationship with Him.

That’s one of the cool things about encouragement. Sure, it helps a person in need, but it also shows them the love of Christ, and in turn, can strengthen or start a relationship with Him. That’s how powerful encouragement is to others. 

What ways could you help someone this week? Whether it’s someone you know or a stranger, there are people all around us who desperately need a helping hand.

P.S. Freezer meals are STILL one of my favorites because of how much time and stress they save during busy weeknights! If you have any favorite freezer meals, comment below!

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