Wholehearted Quiet Time Feature

Wholehearted is a Christian brand that focuses on encouraging those who want to have a daily Quiet Time!  Their vision is to strengthen and build God’s kingdom all around the world! Each week, they feature a Quiet Timer who share’s about their own personal quiet time. This week I was able to mine. Thank you…

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E+DAY February 2020 – Teaching to Give

Teaching is life right now as our baby girl is learning everything. It’s so fun to watch her face light up when things finally “click.” She’s beaming with pride because she finally figured out how to do something. It feels like we often correlate learning and teaching as something that’s done at a young age.…

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Two Year Blog Anniversary

Year two of Living in the Wait looked much different than I expected but my oh my, was it special. That’s because after 3+ years of infertility, we welcomed our baby girl, Crosbee, May of 2019. I took more time away from this community than I wanted or planned after her arrival, but I’m still…

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