Two Year Blog Anniversary

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Year two of Living in the Wait looked much different than I expected but my oh my, was it special. That’s because after 3+ years of infertility, we welcomed our baby girl, Crosbee, May of 2019. I took more time away from this community than I wanted or planned after her arrival, but I’m still here and looking forward to what God has in store for 2020!

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This site was born (pun not intended, but fitting considering our circumstances) out of our wait, which was to get pregnant. I kept asking God the question, “How do I continue to live life while waiting to have kids?” or insert whatever you are waiting for: job, spouse, healing, etc. I felt Him nudging me to share our story to help others. I told Him if waiting is part of our story, I want to get the most out of. I did not want to waste my wait.

My intent with this blog was to provide hope, encouragement, peace, resources and most of all support when dealing with life’s waits. My passion for this has only deepened since launching in 2018. Know I am right beside you when it comes to the feelings and emotions you are experiencing. Answers are not easily explained, but I’m here to help you find comfort in knowing you can Live in the Wait.

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While we’re currently not physically going through infertility, this is a message that still rings true for me. The message of Living in the Wait is universal. We all experience waiting. We don’t get to choose what things in life we wait for, nor how long they’ll last. And just because one wait is over, doesn’t mean we are exempt from another one happening in the future.

Our wait to get pregnant deepened my relationship with God and ultimately changed my mindset on handling life’s waits. For that, I’m grateful. And this blog, this journey with you, made that possible. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Do me a favor and share this message with someone you know who’s currently navigating a wait. I know for a fact, you thinking about them during this difficult time, will leave a positive mark on their journey.

Here’s to celebrating another year of hope and encouragement, God using our stories for His glory to bring others to Christ and another year of Living in the Wait!

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Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.

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