E+DAY March 2020 – How You Can Help During the Coronavirus

March E+DAY

You don’t need me to tell you how serious the coronavirus is for the entire world. What we’re experiencing is unheard of.

During extreme and uncertain times like this, it’s especially important that we continue to encourage one another. This doesn’t mean we dismiss what the world is experiencing. Instead, we respect the reality of what’s around us and interject with the most powerful form of encouragement, PRAYER. Here are a few ways:

For government and state and city officials
They have very difficult decisions to make, impacting thousands of people with far reaching effects. They are working long hours and faced with information that is changing by the hour. It’s no doubt exhausting navigating these uncharted waters. Pray for them to have the discernment, peace and patience as they make these decisions. That they would continue to have their citizens best interest in mind. That they would be an example of faith over fear. May they feel supported and trusted by their communities to make the best decision for all those involved. Pray they and their families stay healthy. Thank them for the work they are doing to keep everyone safe.

For healthcare workers
Doctors, nurses and support staff are at the front lines working with this virus. They are making many sacrifices to keep those infected healthy in addition to all the other patients and situations they deal with on a daily basis. Pray for their health, energy and for a clear mind. For additional patience as they are working long hours under extremely stressful situations that most of us will never experience in our lifetime. A lot is being demanded of them. Show them grace. They are only human and giving all they have to help us. Pray for the swift arrival of coronavirus tests, protective gear to keep them from getting infected and the appropriate equipment to help those testing positive for the disease. Thank them for the work they are doing to keep everyone safe.

For grocery store and big box store workers
We are heavily relying on these stores and their workers to stock the products we are desperately looking for – food, paper products, cleaners, etc. Pray they would stay healthy. That they would be given flexibility and understanding from their supervisors and customers to continue to do their job under such stressful and uncertain times. Thank them for continuing to work so we can get the products we need.

For the elderly and those with chronic diseases
They are at the highest risk according to the CDC. We have a responsibility to protect them by taking the necessary precautions to stop the virus from spreading. This isn’t about us, it’s about them and saving their lives. Pray for their health. To feel peace, trusting the nation is doing the best it can to keep them safe. Outside visitors are being restricted to stop the spread, which means they may feel even more isolated. Pray they would still be able to connect with family to feel loved and valued. Pray the necessary medications they rely on are available to keep them well.

For our nation
Pray we would all take this pandemic seriously and listen to the guidance and words of caution we are hearing from officials. That we would trust our leaders and support them so they can continue to focus on the task at hand – keeping us safe. This is bigger than us all which is why we need one another more than ever before. Pray we would all do our part to stop the spread. That we would be brave. This pandemic is scary, there is no doubt about that. There are many unknowns and that’s what I think scares us the most. I’ve had to pause many times this week to refocus my fear and turn it into prayer. My worry will not change the situation, but my prayers can.

Encouragement is going to give these people strength and hope. It’s going to keep them going. The groups I mentioned need to feel confident in the work they are doing and we have a responsibility to help them get there. We need these people to lead us through this uncertain time, and they need us, leading them with the most powerful form of encouragement, prayer. 

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