Mother’s Day 2020: A Day to Remember and Celebrate

Mother’s Day 2020 I Remember

  • I remember wanting to celebrate this day so badly, yet not being able to get pregnant
  • I remember the overwhelm
  • I remember every tear
  • I remember feeling so alone
  • I remember being so mad at God
  • I remember the hard to breathe kind of heartache
  • I remember the uncertainty
  • I remember the grief
  • I remember praying expectantly
  • I remember waiting

Mother’s Day 2020 I Celebrate

  • I celebrate answered prayers
  • I celebrate God giving you to me
  • I celebrate the friends, family and infertility community that have supported us
  • I celebrate the deepened relationship I have with God gained from my journey to motherhood
  • I celebrate finding acceptance with the journey it took to get to this day
  • I celebrate the peace God provided during the difficult road to today
  • I celebrate the personal growth gained, making me the Mother I am today
  • I celebrate learning to live in the wait
  • I celebrate every milestone I’ve been fortunate enough to experience firsthand with you
  • I celebrate, honor and respect this title and the responsibility that comes with it
  • I celebrate all the other moms in waiting, fighting so hard to eventually celebrate this day too
  • I celebrate that sweet, short, yet powerful word you’ve said out loud to me for the past few months, Mom

    This day may forever be a mixed bag of emotions for those of us navigating infertility. The reasons you remember or celebrate this day may be different. What would you share?

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