E+DAY May 2020 – Virtual Racing

One of my favorite days of the year is the Avera Race Against Cancer. In my previous life, I was fortunate enough to co-coordinate this event and this year, they celebrated their 32nd anniversary. They have raised over $6 million to offer programs and services for cancer survivors with all the proceeds staying local.

This event typically brings together 5,000+ people. With COVID-19, things looked a bit different and the event went virtual. Don’t let that fool you as the live stream was powerful in a new and different way. Even though I was home, I still felt banded together with an entire community all wanting to make a difference and encourage friends, family and even strangers during their cancer journey. I got goosebumps during the warm up knowing so many people were participating and watching all to support the same cause.

This year was a milestone…

for Ry and I as we walked in it as a family of three. We’re usually volunteering so it was fun to finally participate. I can’t wait to continue this tradition and share with our daughter the importance this event holds for my entire family.

One reason I get so emotional about this event is because it all started when one woman shared her story. Her family and friends wanted to support and encourage her, so they started an event in her honor. They didn’t have a master plan in mind because they weren’t sure if it would be in her honor or her memory. They just knew they had to help their loved one. The history of this event is so inspiring.

It’s a reminder about the power of sharing our story and the desire to encourage others when they need it most.

Not sure what E+DAY is? Check out this page for more info… I know you are curious!

Who are you going to encourage today?

Please share with someone you know who could use some encouragement in the wait.

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