What My Floors are Teaching Me About My Relationship with God and My Daughter

There’s an unlikely spot in our house that’s quickly becoming a classroom, teaching us about relationship building.

Get on the same level

One of my favorite and most frequently visited places in our house is the floor. You name the room and I’ve most likely traveled every inch of it.

You see, I have a 14-month-old who clocks in at 30 inches tall. In order to truly see, connect and play with her, I need to get down on the floor so I can be on the same level as her.

The floor is where I see my daughter best. It’s where I’m closest to her. We laugh and play, and ultimately, it’s where we connect and build our relationship. I best meet her needs when I’m on the floor because I see can things from her perspective.  

This got me thinking about my relationship with God. As I reflected back on certain times in my life – childhood, marriage, infertility – I began to see a pattern. The times I saw God best, were when I was on the floor. This time around I’m not talking about a physical floor, but an emotional and spiritual one.

Floor moments

The floor is the lowest point in a house. Well, the same could be said for certain times in our lives. These floor moments, were when I truly saw and connected with God. It’s where my relationship with Him was tested and ultimately strengthened. He came down to my level and poured His love, grace, peace and hope over me. Above all, I saw and felt His love and faithfulness during my lowest points in life.

Lucky for us, we don’t need life to throw us on the floor to have a deep, meaningful relationship with Him. He’s always ready and willing to meet us, no matter what level we’re on. Let the physical floors of your house, be your daily reminder to truly connect with God this week.

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