E+DAY August 2020 – Encouragement in the Whispers

Have you ever felt a subtle, quick stirring in your heart? The one that whispers a specific person’s name to you? That whisper is your invitation to spread some encouragement. 

Have you ever had someone’s name come to mind? It’s like a subtle, quick stirring in your heart. You may attribute it to something you recently saw or heard that reminded you of this person. Other times, a name seems to pop up out of no where and has no correlation to anything. Either way, that whisper is your invitation to spread some encouragement.

Just last week

This very thing happened last week. I saw an article and instantly, a friends name came to mind. I sat with it for a few minutes and thought, nah, it would be silly of me to reach out and share this with them. The next day, again, their name scrolled across my mind and I thought, alright, I need to act on this. I send them a quick message and went about my day. I later heard back from them saying they were going through some stuff and what I shared with them was actually really helpful. 

Invitation from God

When we hear this whisper, it’s easy to push the thought aside and go about our day. It can feel awkward, even uncomfortable reaching out to them for what seems like no reason. But what if that subtle whisper is an invitation from God to love and encourage one another? What if that nudging is about God using us to meet someone else’s needs? This changes thing. That random whisper takes on new meaning and purpose. It’s no longer about me and how I feel about it. Instead, it’s about serving, encouraging and helping others. 

Getting started

Here are some simple phrases to get you started:

  • “Your name popped in my head today so I thought I’d check in. How are you doing?” 
  • “Hey! I was going about my day and your name came up. Nothing specific to share, but wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.”
  • “I was reading this and your name came to mind. Not sure if you need to hear this today but I wanted to pass it along.”

The next time you feel that stirring, follow through and reach out to that person. It’s amazing how that quick little whisper you heard, turns into exactly what someone needs to hear and encourages them. 

Tell me about a time this happened to you!

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