E+DAY October 2020 – Why Being Present is the Best Form of Encouragement

A recent sermon at our church mentioned one of the ways Jesus cared for others was by being present in their lives. It got me thinking how being present can be a form of encouragement to others.

While being present may sound simple or even an overused buzzword, it’s one of the most important ways we can encourage others.

When we’re present with others, they feel seen, heard, valued and loved. And that my friends, is the encouragement we all crave in life.  

What does it look like?
  • Being where you are, not your to do list or tomorrow’s meeting
  • No technology at the table so you can be fully present for dinner time
  • Listening with your heart
  • Looking people in the eye when you’re talking to them
  • Focusing on the moment, person or conversation right in front of you
  • Hearing what they aren’t saying
  • Removing distractions when engaging in conversation
  • Engaging in heart conversations to truly connect with those around us
  • Having no agenda except to listen
  • Scheduling time to be present to make sure it happens

Being present is something we’re all capable of doing. Sure, it takes intentionality, but the worthwhile, meaningful and valuable things in life often do. And the best part is that a byproduct of encouraging others is that it encourages you.

What ways can you focus on being present this week? Let me know in the comments!

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